Floor Lamps Advantages

Sat Oct 29 11:46:07 CST 2022

What are the features of Floor Lamps?

1.Floor Lamps are easy to move

For some mainstream lighting, such as chandeliers or ceiling lights, they are installed on the roof, and fixed dead, can not be moved at all. Floor lamps are very convenient in comparison, as long as the wire is long enough, where you want to put it. And very light and even children can take casual movement, especially in the living room and bedroom, want to put the living room can also be, want to put in the study bedroom can also be, placement location is not so restricted.

2.Floor Lamps less difficult to maintain

Compared to hanging in the sky chandeliers and ceiling lamps, floor lamps maintenance difficulty is relatively low, it does not have to climb to the height of the disassembly, cleaning and installation, generally in the cleaning of indoor hygiene, it will be able to clean the floor lamp by hand. Floor lamp maintenance is very convenient.

3. Floor Lamps are decorative

Floor lamp modeling a wide range of good decorative. Floor lamps are often used for local lighting, not to focus on the comprehensiveness, but to emphasize the convenience of movement, for the creation of the corner atmosphere is very practical. Floor lamp lighting way if the direct downward projection, suitable for reading and other activities that require mental concentration, if indirect lighting, you can adjust the overall light changes.

4. Floor Lamps save energy and electricity

For this aspect of energy saving, it mainly depends on the light source used, if it is with incandescent bulbs, then power saving is not saved there, but compared to other lighting, floor lamps have less light source, plus now are more led lights to do light source, so floor lamps or to save a lot of electricity than other lighting, those large lamps as long as they are open is hundreds of watts of power. And the power of the floor lamp is so insignificant, more energy-saving power saving.