New Table Lamp in 2020

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  • Brand:    JiaHui
  • Type:    GL24047TO
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Our aim is provide a quality product with great customer service and in-depth knowledge.
As a result, this ensures whatever your need is, we can meet it.

Be it either a cable solution, or just a single light globe. 

Description for Product(Inch)

GL24047TO~GL24052TO GL24047TO~GL24052TO 

Total Height:29.5" 

Shade Size:15"*15"*10" 

Metal+Ceramic White linen shade , 

GL24047TO: Light ceramic finish 

GL24048TO: Orange ceramic finish 

GL24049TO: Red ceramic finish 

GL24050TO: Pink ceramic finish 

GL24051TO: Yellow ceramic finish 

GL24052TO: Blue ceramic finish

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